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Whitehat SEO

You will often hear the words “whitehat” and “blackhat” referenced quite a bit in SEO circles. The word whitehat SEO refers to the practice of doing things that aren’t seen as being harmful, risky, an attempt to manipulate the rankings using bad tactics. The problem with blackhat techniques is that you risk getting your website banned by Google. You may know other companies that you are competing with that use these blackhat tactics and might be getting away with it. In the past five years we have seen these types of companies get penalized by Google. One day they can be outranking everyone in Guelph, and the next day they have lost all their rankings.

At SEO Guelph we only use whitehat tactics. We don’t take any risks with our clients websites. We enjoy the peace of mind knowing that that tactics we use on clients websites are all above board with no risk of being penalized.

There is a greyhat area where there might be things happening on your website that are having negative consequences on your website unintentionally. For example you may have two versions of your website that are identical. For example your main customer focused website, and a backup version of the website. Google can sometimes see this as being “mirrored”, meaning you are trying to rank twice for the same website. This can be seen as grey hat. Other examples can be duplicate content. You may be using other peoples content from around the internet and not properly referencing the original source. We have seen this cause websites to lose rankings. Although this may not always be malicious in intent, Google doesn’t know this and can hand out penalties, causing you to wonder what happened to your rankings.

We take the time to go through every single one of our new clients pages to ensure that there aren’t any issues on the website that can hamper the websites chances of ranking.