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SEO with WordPress

One of the most common and popular content management systems on the internet is WordPress. Optimizing wordpress websites is something we are very experienced with and a CMS we are very comfortable working with. If you have a wordpress website, are located in Guelph and looking for local SEO services then we are happy to accommodate.

Do WordPress Websites Rank Well?

If all the correct boxes have been ticked, and their are no lingering issues with the website then we can get a wordpress website to rank, just like any other website.

Benefits of WordPress Websites

They are incredibly easy for users to login to the backend and make quick changes. For example if you want to add a blog, or even edit some existing text on your website. These are simple tasks that can easily be performed in WordPress. The problem with a lot of the older websites back in the day is that you would have to contact your webmaster to make simple changes. They would have to use an HTML editor and then upload these changes via FTP. With wordpress you don’t have to understand how HTML works in order to make quick changes and additions to your website.

Disadvantages of WordPress

WordPress websites are very vulnerable. The average wordpress website can have between 20 to 30 plugins made by third party web developers. If you fail to update your wordpress website you can risk getting a virus on your website. In regards to your SEO, this would have a detrimental effect on your website. If your website gets hit by a virus, Google will delist your website from the Google index which can cost you time, money and customers. The other disadvantage is that automatic plugin updates can create compatability issues with your website. Often a problem you won’t detect until you are notified by a customer that they can’t make a purchase, fill out a form or even view the website. While it’s great to have your plugins updated at all times, you must ensure that they are compatible with your site. Regular, daily backups are a must.

How do I know if I have a WordPress Website?

If you have a “wp-admin” login URL, that is a good indicator that you have a wordpress website. For example if your website is and you access your websites administration section by visiting That’s how you know.

You will also notice that your admin login area looks like this screenshot below.

wordpress login box screenshot

Recommended WordPress Plugins for SEO

We often use YOAST SEO, which we find to be very reliable. We also have clients that prefer all in one SEO, which is a good plugin that we are familiar with.


If you have a website that uses WordPress, we are happy to work with that. You can rest assured that we have extensive experience with WordPress websites in Guelph and can even convert your existing website to WordPress if that is an avenue that you would like to persue. With it’s many advantages, we ensure that the vulnerabilities that can occur with the wordpress plugins are managed by us in house. We do regular checks to ensure that the website is well optimized, doesn’t contain any viruses, or have any plugin┬ácompatibility issues or concerns.