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SEO Overview

The organic area of Google search results refers to the section of a page where listings don’t display the word “ad” next to the search results. Often located underneath the paid and and local map listings.

We specialize in getting local businesses in Guelph to rank on the front page of Google for their desired keywords. 90% of searchers don’t go past the first page of search results. This can often make or break a business. At SEO Guelph we ensure that your website is optimized correctly and in line with the TOS outlined by Google. We employ safe best practice techniques and conduct all SEO activities in-house to maintain the highest amount of quality and control possible.

The image below shows what the paid section of Google looks like.

Underneath this section is the organic section of search results. Please look below to see an example of a typical organic search listing result.

We are able to get your website ranking in the organic listings area for searches performed in Guelph, Ontario. Google currently has over 300 different factors that it weighs up when deciding on which websites to rank and in which order. We meticulously go through each and every one of these to ensure your website ticks all the necessary boxes. Some of these ranking factors have more weight than others and these factors vary from sector to sector. On top of this, at we also ensure that your website isn’t violating any of these check boxes. This can happen unknowingly, for example there may be a malware virus on your website which would have a detrimental affect on your sites organic Google rankings.

Whatever the website, large or small, we work to get your website the most visibility possible in Guelph and surrounding areas.

This means that whenever someone in Guelph is searching for services that match what you have to offer, you will appear in the top organic search results. This is very important when it comes to driving new business and leads to your company.

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