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Remarketing Ads

Ever wondered if you’re being tracked and followed around the internet? Ever visited a website only to find that hours, days, weeks, and months later you discover ads to that website appearing on other websites? Ever been shopping on The Bay, or Amazon to find those same products following you around the internet because you never completed the purchase? This is known as remarketing. Often referred to within the industry as “stalker ads”. We specialize in creating effective Google remarketing campaigns for companies in Guelph.

We offer generic remarketing campaigns, or product and service specific remarketing. We will now explain the difference between the two. With a generic remarketing campaign, we can target users that visited your website and then left. For example, someone in Guelph visits your website, browsers a few pages, and then leaves. We can set a cookie to then follow that potential customer for up to 90 days after they left the website. This is known as a generic remarketing campaign and works for a lot of companies.

A specific remarketing campaign is exactly what it states. Specific remarketing ads that are specific to the experience that they had on your website. For example if you have an online hat store in Guelph and

someone visits your Toronto Blue Jays hat page, and then bounces without purchasing. You can then remarket specific Blue Jays image hats. Whereas a generic campaign will show them generic ads that have a one size fits all, specific remarketing campaigns can target users specifically and only show them ads that they have been known to be interested in. Highly effective and a great way to spend your marketing budget.

If you’re interested in Google remarketing using the display network, contact us today and we can run some ideas by you and discuss this advertising model more.