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Local Guelph SEO Maps

If you have done an internet search recently you will notice that there is a local map section that shows up for local searches. For example if you are searching for “dentist Guelph”, or even a company like ours which would be “SEO Guelph”, you will see that local map section I am talking about.

This is a very important area that your company will want to rank in. This is part of our service. Kindly let us know the local Guelph searches that you would like to start ranking on the maps for and we will make a concerted effort to make that a reality.

How Long does it Take?

This often depends on how well your competitors have optimized their website for local searches. If there are 20 competitors all vying for those three open spots then it can take up to 6 months. For example, dentists, lawyers, hairdressers, and realtors in Guelph are competing with hundreds of people. To rank in that local 3 pack you have to be exceptional. This means that everything from an SEO perspective has to be perfect. All the citations have to be in place correctly, your Name, Address, and Phone have to match up correctly. The rich snippets markups have to be on point, the backlinks have to be correct, and a bunch of other criteria have to match up in order to make this local map ranking in Guelph a reality.

Keep in mind that sometimes Google likes to show the nearest location to where the search is coming from. For example if you are in your car and searching for the local fuel station, or a coffee nearby in Guelph, Google doesn’t want to send you to the other side of the city. It’s in Googles interest to show the options that are the closest to you. However, if you have the absolute best coffee in Guelph, then you can break through this algorithm limitation and force your way onto everyone’s maps no matter where they are located in Guelph. That is what we want to do with your website.

If you are looking to rank in the local maps section in Guelph, please contact us today for a free quote.