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Free SEO Audit

This article will go through the free SEO process, what we do, and what it involves. The first thing you will realise when you get an SEO audit from us is that it is not automated. We manually take the time to go through each audit and write up a PDF document highlighting the findings that we think are important to you. The limitations we have found with automated SEO reports is that they don’t cover the entire picture, and are quite often inaccurate.

We don’t require any logins or passwords in order to confuct the audit. All we need to know from you is your URL, and what keywords you are looking to rank for. With this information we can then audit your website and look to see how well you are working towards those goals.

We don’t follow up our free SEO audit with any sales calls. The audit which is carried out by Adrian takes about 2 hours to complete. No payment is asked, and the report will be sent directly to your email address.

If you have any questions after the report is delivered, we are more than happy to answer.