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Small Creative Guelph Mom Businesses Part 2

Guelph Kids Guide enjoys buying from and supporting local businesses. This blog features five small, creative businesses owned and operated by local mums. All of these mums offer special, one of a kind items for the little ones in your life. Baubles by ANA offers beautiful, sparkly jewellery; CamBri Collections offers pretty, colourful teething accessories, […]

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Small Creative Guelph Mom Businesses Part 3

We have found another bunch of amazing small shop Guelph moms for you! All five of them use their creative talents to make beautiful and unique items. The moms featured today are from Busy Bees Creations, Dunning Essentials, Hofkissed, Little Beady Pretty One, and Lilac Butterfly Boutique. Name: Brianne Collecchio Business name: Busy Bees Creations […]

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Small Creative Guelph Mom Businesses Part 4

Guelph Kids Guide is happy to introduce you to four inspiring, local mums shops: Bertinas Sweet Treats, Cameron Cards, GiGi Creation, and Night Flower – Natural Hair & Beauty Collection. Bertinas Sweet Treats specializes in hand-painted, unique cookies; I ordered some beautiful cookies in the shape of stockings with our family names on the tops […]

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