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There are many fantastic spots to enjoy summertime in Guelph. I personally enjoy all the “toddler summer bucket lists” and “100 summer activities lists” on Pinterest. Below is a Guelph specific summer bucket list – how many of these fun outings will you enjoy with your family?

Searching for fairy doors is always exciting. Along the trail between Victoria and the wooden bridge are a cluster of fairy doors located closer to the Victoria end of the trail. Another good spot to see fairy doors is near the river at Herb Markle Park (go towards the river from the volleyball court). There used to be some fairy doors at Exhibition Park, but at the time of writing this article they had unfortunately been taken down. For more details here is our fairy doors blog.

If searching for fairy doors has inspired you, you might want to create your own fairy doors at home. Stockade (the wood store in the same parking lot a Funmazing) sells wooden fairy doors that you can paint and decorate.

Our city has many different summer camp options. Please check our our summer camps page for a full listing of what is offered in Guelph.

There are many geocaches in and around Guelph. Searching for them is a fun family activity, especially for older children and teens.

Guelph Lake has many great campsites. You can enjoy their beach, hiking trails and a bonfire complete with marshmallows. I plan on taking my toddler J camping for the first time this summer and plan on trying out Guelph Lake before we venture further from home.

Guelph is lucky to have so many gorgeous hiking trails. I recently wrote a blog on my favourite local hiking trails.

All over the city are wonderful parks to play in. If you are interested in playing in the water on hot days read our splash pads and wading pools blog. We’ve also written a blog about our favourite parks in Guelph.

The Boathouse and Guelph Lake both rent canoes and kayaks. Such a peaceful way to spend a morning or afternoon.

If your child enjoys trains then you will want to read our trains blog to find all the local train attractions.

Hot summer days have me crave ice cream and frozen yogurt. The Boathouse beside the river or Sweet across from city hall are two nice options for a cold treat.

Watch a movie outdoors at Mustang Drive-in or at the outdoors movies downtown.

Enjoy a sunset from the top of Mole/Moe hill.

Visit the donkeys at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada.

Downtown is home to our very own Kitty Cafe. Enjoy a drink or treat while spending time with the cats there up for adoption.

Riverside Park’s paddle boats, merry-go-round and train are popular with children. You can buy individual tickets or a money saving season’s pass (the pass is only $20 plus taxes).

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