Guelph’s Best Tobogganing Hills

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We’re lucky in Guelph to have quite a few tobogganing hills. Here are the top ten hills to go tobogganing in Guelph:

1. Moe (or mole depending on who you’re talking to) hill on Municipal Street. This hill behind Centennial and College Height High schools is the best hill in Guelph. It’s the biggest and fastest. Can get crowded during weekend afternoons. (Here’s an article discussing if it’s Mole or Mo Hill )

2. Hanlon Creek Park on Kortright Road West.

3. Guelph Country Club golf course. Enter right near the bridge at Riverside Park.

4. Near Guelph General Hospital on Delhi Street. Across the street from the Delhi Street Bistro is a good tobogganing hill.

5. The hill at Mary Phelan elementary school on Bishop Court is great for tobogganing, snowboarding practice or GTing.

6. Behind Willow Road school on Willow Road is a nice hill.

7. Westwood school located at the corner of Westwood and Willow has a small hill.

8. Peter Misersky park off of Auden Road has an enjoyable tobogganing hill.

9. Beside the Royal City Baptist Church on Ridgewood Avenue is a little hill.

10. Fred A. Hamilton school on Ironwood Road has a tiny hill.

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