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There appears to be a misconception amongst Guelph businesses about what constitutes a great backlink. I am writing this to dispel a few rumours regarding the hot topic of social media/bookmarking backlinks and what separates a great backlink from one that is not. I’ll start off by saying that writing an article and tweeting about it on your Twitter account does not constitute a great social media backlink. Setting up 10 fake Twitter accounts and linking it to your website also doesn’t count for much. Am I saying that these will be detrimental to your search engine rankings? Absolutely not, will it help boost your rankings in Google? The truth of the matter is probably not.

I’ll tell you the same thing I tell everyone that asks me about what counts as a great social backlink. Focus on getting regular viewers to tweet about your site. If you own an online office supply shop in Guelph then try getting some satisfied customers to tweet about the great discounts you offered them. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a fake account counts for more than a seasoned account that has a good history, lot’s of natural followers, and a proven track record. Would it not look suspicious if one day Google comes along and sees that there are 10 brand new accounts with no followers suddenly all linking to your website? This can be seen as a little shady, but most importantly a waste of your valuable time.

Now you may be wondering “well how do I get more people to follow me on Twitter?”. Using the online office supply shop as an example, simply add a follow me on Twitter button to your website and offer a 10% discount to anyone that follows you or refers a friend. There are lots of other creative ways to get people to follow you, instead of spending your time thinking of how you can trick the system, spend that time on creating an effective and creative solution.

Looking for more tips on how to establish an effective Twitter campaign to boost your rankings in Google? Then follow me on Twitter as I tend to give away hot tips to my twitter followers from time to time.

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