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Have you ever wondered what the type of ground covering a Guelph park had before you explored a new park? Perhaps you want to only visit parks with sand or with wood chips? Whatever your reasons, read more to find out which Guelph parks have which type of ground coverings.

Gravel ground covering parks in Guelph:
Carter Park
Goldie Park
Jenson Boulevard Park
Springdale Park
University Village Park

Rubber ground covering parks in Guelph:
South End Community Centre Park (aka Dragonfly Park)
Strait Park

Sand ground covering parks in Guelph:
Bullfrog Pond Park
Burns Drive Park
Centennial Park
Drew Park
Drummond Park
Earl Brimblecombe Park
Eramosa River Park
Exhibition Park
Grange Road Park
Green Meadows Park
Guelph Lake Sports Fields Park
Hanlon Creek Park
Herb Markle Park
Holland Crescent Park
Howitt Park
Hugh C. Guthrie Park
Joe Veroni Park
John Gamble Park
Kimberly Park
Lee Street Park
Mico Valeriote Park
Oak Street Park
Skov Park
Steffler Park
St. George’s Park
Suffolk Street Park
Summit Ridge Park
Sunny Acres Park
Waverly Park
W. E. Hamilton Park
Westminster Woods Park

Wood chips ground covering parks in Guelph:
Bailey Park
Bathgate Drive Park
Beverley Robson Park
Brant Avenue Park
Castlebury Park
Colonial Drive Park
Dakota Park
Exhibition Park
Ferndale Park
Franchetto Park
Golfview Park
Gosling Gardens Park
Hartsland Park
Howden Park
Joseph Wolfond Park
Jubilee Park
Lyon Park
MacAlister Park
Maple Park
Margaret Greene Park
Mayfield Park
Memorial Crescent Park
Morningcrest Park
Norm Jary Park
Oak Street Park
O’Connor Lane Park
Peter Miserky Park
Rickson Park
Riverside Park
Royal City Park
Severn Park
Starview Crescent Park
Sunny Acres Park
Wilson Farm Park
Windsor Park
Yewholme Park

**Please note: we are aware that we have missed about ten of Guelph’s wonderful neighbourhood parks. We will update as we continue to visit each one and see what type of ground covering is there.

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