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Fairy doors are whimsical, tiny doors usually set in the base of trees. Fairy doors are said to have originated in the United Kingdom. These magical doors are believed to be the homes of fairies. Some fairy doors can even open up to reveal little furniture, trinkets or other treasures. These special doors are appearing all over the world lately, including in our wonderful city of Guelph, Ontario, Canada!

Searching for fairy doors in Guelph is a wonderful way to spend a morning or afternoon. We’re lucky enough to have three fairy door locations in Guelph. Some say that only those who believe in the magic of fairies can locate their doors. Will you be able to find the fairy doors?

Eramosa River Trail Fairy Doors

Our toddlers love searching for fairy doors in this spot. It is my favourite spot to look for them in Guelph. There are many doors hidden in the base of trees and higher up in branches. The doors are all decorated differently and some of them even open up.

Location: along the hiking trail between York Road and Victoria Road. Most are found along the small trail through the trees closer to the river rather than the main path from about Hayes Avenue to Bell Avenue.

Eramosa fairy doors map guelph

Eramosa fairy doors picture guelph

Eramosa fairy doors picture guelph

Eramosa fairy doors picture guelph

Eramosa fairy doors picture guelph

Herb Markle Park
This is another wonderful spot to go looking for fairy doors in Guelph. We found about ten doors in this location. A few of the doors here open and the toddlers were delighted to discover tiny furniture and a little mirror (which we obviously returned back into their homes for the next visitors).
Location: This park is located at 175 Cardigan Street and is beside the Guelph Youth Music Centre. Once you see the volleyball court head down the wooded hill towards the river. Once at the bottom of the hill path turn left to begin looking for the fairy doors.

Markle Park Fairy doors map guelph

Markle Park fairy doors photo guelph

Markle Park fairy doors photo guelph

Markle Park fairy doors photo guelph

Exhibition Park
The last time we went searching for fairy doors in this location there was only one, lonely fairy door. This tiny wooden door complete with miniature wooden steps leading up to it was all that was left after the “trolls” destroyed the rest. Trolls are individuals that destroy fairy doors. Hopefully this spring or summer more people add fairy doors to this spot.
Location: This park is located on London Road.

If discovering the secret locations of Guelph’s fairy doors has sparked an interest in fairies for you, we have a few other ideas of activities you can enjoy:
– read books at home about fairies, goblins, gnomes and other small, magical creatures.
– visit the wood store called Stockade. Stockade sells small fairy doors that you can decorate and paint.
– create your own beautiful fairy wand.

Exhibbition Park fairy doors map guelph

Exhibbition Park fairy doors photo guelph

Happy fairy door hunting!

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