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I heard someone once say: “The best back links are the ones you can’t add yourself”. I couldn’t agree more. The way I like to think about it is the best thing you can do is create quality content and to backlink it in a way that gets it noticed, which in the long run will generate more natural backlinkage.

For example, if you are a mechanic in Guelph, then your best links will come from mechanic forums or directories. Also, there are a ton of SEO companies that operate in India that claim to add thousands of links for almost nothing. My advice is to not risk it. I have been in this game a long time and have witnessed webmasters that have outsourced all their backlinks overseas and noticed that their rankings have fallen off the radar completely. Upon further investigation you will notice that they start ranking well in places like India and Bangladesh. No campaign is ever the same and link building should be extremely strategic and calculated. With a few links in the right places you can make massive headway in next to no time. Also, it is important to remember that with SEO services you get what you pay for. What you don’t want is automated back links from Russian spam sites because this can kill your rankings altogether. When SEO Guelph decides to take on a campaign we don’t take it lightly; we never look for quick fixes which may have negative implications in the future. Instead, we investigate competitors’ backlinks using special software and then look for innovative ways to generate links for your Guelph business.

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