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Riverside Park
Location: 709 Woolwich Street

riverside park guelph map

riverside park trees
Public washrooms? Yes. They’re located with the concession stand next to the miniature train and merry-go-round.
Riverside Park might be the best park in Guelph! This park has it all: kilometers of walking/running/biking trails; an excellent playground; many trees for shade; covered pavilions that can be reserved for birthdays or family reunions; the river; paddle boats to rent; beautiful gardens, especially the big flower clock feature; and the merry-go-round and miniature train rides for little ones. This park has plenty of parking, a concession stand, and bathrooms. Most of Guelph’s big outdoor festivals and events take place in Riverside Park. GKG suggests that instead of buying individual ride tickets that you consider buying a Riverside Park rides season pass for only $20 to save money.…/rides-at-riverside-park-carousel…/

Exhibition Park
Location: 81 London Road West

exhibition park guelph map
Public washrooms? Yes.
Exhibition Park is gorgeous, especially in the autumn with all the trees’ leaves changing colours. This park has it all: tennis courts, sports fields, a natural playground, fairy doors, and a wading pool. Exhibition Park’s natural play structure was actually voted as one of North America’s top 20 natural playgrounds! It’s mostly wood and is perfect for children to climb. In the play area there is also a sand pit with a water pump and toys for everyone to use; try to remember to bring a change of clothes if you drive here because the water and sand can become messy and wet.

South End Community Park aka Dragonfly Park
Location: 25 Poppy Drive West

southend community park guelph map
Public washrooms? Yes.
Dragonfly Park is one of Guelph’s newer parks. It is located in the far south end of the city. This park has a rubber ground covering. There are two playground areas – one for toddlers and another for bigger kids. The dinosaur features are J’s favourite part at this park. Beside the two park areas is a fantastic splash pad. There are also tennis courts and sports fields. Dragonfly Park has ample parking. Our only complaint is that there isn’t very much shade because it is a newer park.

St.George’s Park
Location: 40 Metcalfe Street

st georges park guelph map

St Georges park guelph tree
Public washrooms? Yes.
This central park is beautiful with many tall, mature trees. The playground equipment is fun and there are usually some trucks and sand toys there for everyone to enjoy. This park has tennis courts and half a basketball court. Note that while it is not a leash-free park many dog owners do take their dogs off of their leashes here.

Sunny Acres Park
Location: 45 Edinburgh Road North

Sunny Acres park map guelph
Public washrooms? No.
This large park has plenty of shade. It has a wading pool, playground structure, community garden, and plenty of grassy area. The only downside to this wonderful park is the lack of parking for it.

Jubilee Park
Location: 11 Sweeney Drive

Jubilee park map guelph
Public washrooms? No.
This south end park is one of Guelph’s newer parks. The playground area is fantastic for children who enjoy climbing. One of the cutest play features here is the big, bouncy ladybug. Jubilee Park also has a see-saw which is uncommon in most parks nowadays. If you pack a snack or a picnic you can enjoy it at a picnic table under the shade structure. I’ve read that the city has more proposed plans for this park so it will be interesting to watch it develop. Some of the future plans include a splash pad, natural play equipment, and tennis courts.

Royal City Park
Location: 119 Gordon Street

Royal City park map guelph

Royal City park map guelph
Public washrooms? No, but close to many downtown shops and restaurants that have washrooms for customers.
Royal City Park has a wonderful, central location on the river. The bandshell gazebo is a good spot for shade. The play structure at Royal City Park has a neat little piano for kids to play with music. Across the road from this park is the Boathouse for ice cream or canoe rentals. Going through this park are the amazing walking/jogging/biking trails that go from the Hanlon to Victoria. The only con to this park on my opinion are the amount of Canadian geese and their droppings

Margaret Greene Park
Location: 80 Westwood Road

Margaret Greene park map guelph
Public washrooms? Yes.
This west end park is quite large. It has a fun play structure, many sports fields, tennis courts, and even a leash-free area for dogs. The play structure is excellent for little ones because it is quite low to the ground.

Castlebury Park
Location: 50 Castlebury Drive

Castlebury Drive park map guelph
Public washrooms? No.
This west end park is very fun. One of the more unique features of this park is the huge rocking boat. Toddlers will be happy with plenty of interactive features; the racecar ones are J’s favourites. Castlebury park also has some small rock climbing walls and a shade structure.

Your local park
Sometimes the best park in town is the one that you are able to walk to. I feel fortunate that I can walk (in thirty minutes or less) to seven different parks from my house.

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