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I spend the majority of my time thinking of ways to get peoples businesses and hard work noticed. Once every blue moon something comes along that blows everything I know for a home run. This awesome startup video by a company known as Dollar Shave Club is what blew me away. I think this is a lesson that can be learnt by not only startups, but big business too – create awesome content! When something is good, people are going to share it. This is the best type of SEO that you can do. If people start sharing your stuff and passing your links around then you don’t have to spend money on SEO.

The premise for the company is that instead of spending $20 a month on new razors with triple blades and fancy grips, spend a monthly subscription of $1 to these guys and they will mail you a new razor every month.

Screen Grab

viral video

We hear this all the time: “know your audience”, I think this video is a fine example of that. Who are most likely to spend a cheap monthly subscription for razors? Young men, thats who! Do you think this video grabs young mens attention? The answer is yes, you don’t even have to think about it.

Moments after posting the video they then targeted the largest social bookmarketing site on the internet

Within a few minutes their video was on the front pages on reddit creating a hailstorm of traffic. In 6 hours their video received over 50,000 views. In fact they have created so much traffic that the website has now crashed; I have been unable to load it for the past 3 hours!

Check it out.

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