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Are you a small business owner in Guelph and you want to compete with large corporations in Google? It’s easy to get intimated by the larger companies in your market, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I find that when I am competing with larger companies that they have a really slow turnaround when it comes to making decisions. For example, when I have worked for large multinational corporations, when I make a decision regarding their internet marketing it can take WEEKS for it to get implemented.

Large corporations can get lost in their size. I’m talking about marketing meetings, I.T implementation, office politics, and accounts etc. Sometimes a small thing like going after a new keyword that is trending needs to be approved by three different managers, whereas when I’m dealing with a small company often decisions can be made over the phone within minutes.

Use your size to your advantage. Sure there are some things that you will never beat them with. For example, if you own a pharmacy in Guelph and sell medicine online, you would be up against Shoppers Drug Mart. Trying to outrank them for “flu medicine” can seem futile, but what if a news story broke out about a new revolutionary drug that heals flu symptoms, Awesome.. within minutes, you have just heard the news story that was played on a Guelph radio station, you can write an expert opinion on the matter and put it online then suddenly your site is ranking number 1 for that keyword! Whereas a company like Shoppers Drug Mart doesn’t have a blog so there is no way for them to rank for the latest hot topics. Do your research, see where your competitor’s weaknesses are and exploit them.

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