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It is commonly known that Google has a complicated (frequently changing) algorithm to determine page rankings. Some think that Google pays extra attention to the top twenty-five percent and very bottom of each page.

What does this bit of information mean for you (or your web developer)? Simply, it means that you should cut right to the chase with the information you are providing. Don’t give a long, rambling introduction to your topic or website. Instead start straight away with the keywords and phrases that you want to be ranking for.

For example, if you sell running shoes online, then mention first which brands you sell. Don’t waste the valuable first twenty-five percent of each webpage talking about how you got into the business of selling running shoes, your personal favourite running shoes, or the history of shoes. It’s much better to start selling your shoes to the user and Google.

Why might Google put a greater emphasis on that top twenty-five percent? If I had to guess it would be that people are busy and want quick answers when they are Googling. People don’t want to have to read 1,000+ words on a semi-related topic before they reach what it is they are looking for. If they don’t find the information they are looking for quickly they will simply click the back button and continue on their search. Google won’t want to highly rank websites with high bounce rates.

Perhaps tonight you will want to look at your favourite online retailers or informational sites and see if they follow this theory. Then take a look at your own website(s) to see if you can improve the beginnings of each page.

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