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I couldn’t find any resources online when I was looking to do this, I thought I would take the opportunity to create this myself. Before I commence with the tutorial I’ll just explain what SPF means and how this will improve your conversions. SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework, which basically means you are telling your domain provider that when Infusionsoft sends e-mail on behalf of your domain, it does so with authority. For example if you send an e-mail within Infusionsoft and change the “from e-mail address” to hello@whitehouse.com, Infusionsoft will still send this e-mail out. Because you are doing so without authority, many e-mail providers such as Hotmail, and Gmail will know that you are trying to spoof and will send your e-mail straight to the junk mail folder(rightfully so).

To avoid this from happening you must add an SPF record to your domain. This tutorial is for Dreamhost customers only as there is no other resource out there.

Step 1.)
Under the “Domain” menu you will click “manage domain”.

spf record step 1

Step 2.)
Find the domain you wish to add the SPF record to and click the “DNS” button that corresponds to that particular domain. For this particular example I added the SPF record to one of my SEO clients.
Adding SPF Dreamhost Infusionsofp step 2

Step 3.)
You are now going to add the line v=spf1 mx include:infusionmail.com –all to your domain. For example at seoguelph.com I would add v=spf1 mx include:infusionmail.com –all.seoguelph.com

Change the “type” to txt. By default it won’t be selected, you will have to change this.
You can leave the “comment” field blank if you wish.

Simply click “add record now”. Once you have clicked this please allow a few hours for this to propagate around the internet. Your done!

Click Image to Enlarge

Infusionsoft Dreamhost Step 3

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