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I had a great question submitted to me a week ago regarding Google PPC. The question was asked how they can see what searches they are paying for in “broad match” keyword bids. A broad match is when you pay for a series of keywords, anything searched around those keywords can trigger the PPC ad to appear. For example because I am a Search Engine Optimization company in Guelph it would be wise for me to bid on the broad match term “SEO” and “Guelph”. Great, so when someone types into Google “Best SEO company in Guelph”, it will trigger my ad because it matched the two words “SEO” and “Guelph”. However if I haven’t programmed any negative keywords into my campaign, my ad could also appear if someone typed in  “worst SEO company in Guelph”, I could be paying for hundreds of keywords that I have no interest in paying for.

How do I check my broad match searches inside my Google PPC Adwords account? It’s simple and I’ll use screenshots to show you how.

You simple go to the adgroup containing the keywords you want to check up on. Go to the “keyword” view. Then click the “details” button right next to the +keyword button. A menu will pop up, you want to click the “all” button right underneath the “search terms” heading.

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