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Looking to get an edge on your competitors in the Google Adwords realm? I have come up with some great ideas that you might not have thought about.

Always look for when the competitors aren’t advertising in Google. My clients always tell me they want to run their ads during business hours because that’s what makes logical sense. Running ads during business hours is when everyone runs their ads. When everyone runs their PPC ads it means that bidding prices will be at a premium. If you run your ads at unusual times when everyone else has pulled their ads, you’ll get a cheaper price per click. PPC is an auction right? Why not bid when everyone else isn’t bidding?

Pull your ads from appearing on mobile phones. If you have a $100 per day budget and have no problem satisfying that, then why not get $100 worth of clicks from computers? Chances are the customer will be more engaged, in less of a hurry and can enjoy the experience of viewing your website a lot more! The only time I don’t recommend to do this is when it’s hard to get people to click your ads. EG a very select niche they doesn’t get many daily searches in Google.

Many people don’t consider doing video ad campaigns because they presume it is too expensive. A video ad campaign in youtube is where your video ad appears before someone watches a video. What if I was to tell you that video ads are way cheaper than traditional PPC ads? I have been known to create video ad campaigns for specific youtube keywords and GEO areas for only 3 cents a view. We think they are more expensive because it’s traditionally car companies and big ads that utilise these video ads the most. Not true, there is no reason to not throw a few bucks at this and see what kind of results it can render.

I’m sure most people don’t create a negative keyword list for their campaigns. For example if you are trying to rank for “SEO Company” in Google Adwords, are you going to show up in Google search results if someone Googles “free SEO company”? This simply won’t happen if you add negative keywords to your PPC campaign. Now you might be thinking that your website is so amazing at converting people looking for FREE SEO into paid SEO, but if you saved your money and got someone to click your ad that doesn’t mention the word “free” into their searches then you don’t have to think about that. I’m sure that if I paid for a million people looking for wedding flowers, I could convert at least one of them into purchasing an SEO package for me, but wouldn’t it make more sense to pay for a million “SEO company” leads? Of course it does.

Only target the wealthy areas when you are choosing your geo targets. I have tried this a few times and had reasonable success. For example if you are creating a PPC campaign in Australia, instead of targeting the entire country, try targeting Mosman, Cremorne, Manly etc. Know your audience well, if it’s luxury cars you are offering there is a higher chance that someone from the Mosman area would be more willing to pay for the latest Ferrari compared to someone from Campbelltown.

If you have any other great ideas please tweet or e-mail me.

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