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This is a step by step easy to follow tutorial on adding a user to Google Analytics. Please note that to add someone to your Google analytics account, you must be logged in as the admin. Users can’t add other users to Google Analytics.

Step 1 is to login to Google analytics from this URL

Step 2 is to find the admin button located at the top right hand corner of the web page. You will only see this once you have logged in correctly.

admin button

Step 3 is to look for the “user management” button under the property tab, very simple to find.

user management analytics

Step 4 your almost done. Halfway down the page you will see an “add permissions for” header. Under this you are going to type in the persons E-mail address that you wish to grant access to. Simple as that. You can also adjust the access levels by clicking the “read and analyse” button to the right of the input box. Please note you you will have more success adding someone’s E-mail address that has an account associated with Google.

add permission google analytics

The advantage to giving someone access using this method is that you don’t have to hand over your personal account. This way anyone can access Google analytics from their own personal Google accounts. I hope this tutorial helped.

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