Why Is Ranking On The Front Page Of Google Important?

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Have a look at the photo I have attached above. If that isn’t enough motivation to rank on the front page then I don’t know what is. If you are competing with 50 other websites in a lowly searched niche then you can’t afford to be anywhere but the front page. Fair enough if you are on the second page of Google for a big keyword like “NFL”, but if your keyword is “cheap roses in Guelph” then you have to be ranking top 5 on page 1, otherwise you’re just never going to be seen.

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The research was conducted by Cornell University. They basically got a bunch of people, hooked them up with crazy wires and monitored their eyes as they browsed through internet searches. The results conclude what we already thought… You have to be on the front page of Google, the higher up the better. I show this graph to anyone that asks me why ranking on the front page of Google is important.

Guelph business owners listen up, if you’re not ranking on the front page of Google you’re missing out on hundreds of potential clients every month. Unless you are ranking number 1 for everything then this article doesn’t apply to you. At SEOGuelph.Com we get you ranking higher in not only Google, but Yahoo and Bing too.  If you have any questions regarding rankings contact me today. I might even publish it on this website!

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