Who Is Talking About Your Website?

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Are you like me and want to know who is talking about your website/company on Facebook? I found this great tool that is free to use which searches peoples public profiles, groups, and pages on Facebook for any mentions of your brand. Why would we want to know this? Well this is important to know, if people are asking questions about your site, this is a great opportunity to find them and answer any questions they might have. Maybe someone has had a bad experience with your company and is using Facebook as a means to vent. Again, this is a great opportunity to find them and make things right.

I have searched around and found many other free tools that do this, but none are as powerful as this one. The main functionality for me is that it allows you to see historical data, which none of the other tools offer.

You might also want to use it to spy on your competitors to see what people are saying about them. The only limitation is that it can’t search people’s profiles if they have a non-public profile.

The website is http://www.social-searcher.com/

Look for the search function up the top.

social searcher

Search for your company name like this.

social search example

Presto! You now have a list of mentions regarding nba.com.

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