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I thought I would take some time out and talk about something non SEO related. I came up with an awesome idea for a website. I’m giving it away as I don’t have the time to work on it. In fact i’ll never have the time to work on something as complicated as i’m about to tell you. My website idea is … drumroll… “Your Twin”.. Allow me to explain. You know how everyone always says that everyone in the world has someone out there that looks exactly the same as them? Someone out there that is an identical match.. This awesome website (which doesn’t exist) allows you to upload a photo of your face and it searches other members profiles to show you other people on the website that have the exact same face as you. Think about it, you could put an army of people together that look exactly like you.

The downside is that this project would near be impossible to get off the ground. For starters the success of the website would rely heavily on you have an anormous database consisting of millions of members. Maybe you could put a facebook app together but I doubt this would work as Facebook wouldn’t allow you to use their data (massive privacy issue there).

Secondly you would have to have developed an amazing, highly complicated facial recognition software would have to better than all the others out there. I have seen programs that match your face to celebs and gives you a likeness percentage. None of them work.

Does anyone else think this is the best website never invented?

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