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Google has rolled out more changes in their search algorithm. I’m not sure if this is really blog worthy, but Google has pledged to be more open regarding communication with webmasters. For example, traditionally you could wake up one morning and see that your website has been deindexed by Google. It would be impossible to get answers regarding this as there was no way that Google could communicate with every webmaster on the Internet. This has been a massive issue for years now. Thankfully Google is finally going to start sending messages to webmasters regarding issues they may be having with your site.

For example, a few days ago a friend told me that he received a message from Google declaring that they have detected unnatural linking structures to his website. This is a major advancement as years ago you would never know why Google would have an issue with your website. At least now Google are starting to communicate with webmaster which I think is great!

So how do you check if Google has been sending you messages? Well firstly you need to activate Google webmaster tools, which I’m sure most of you have. If you haven’t, do it now!

Once in, simply click the “Messages” tab. It is important to do so now more than ever because Google has made major changes to the algos.

webmaster tools messages

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