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This is something that should be checked at least once a month if you are running a PPC campaign in Google – the idea of checking which geographical locations are selling and which ones aren’t. If you have a shopping cart you are going to want to check the shopping cart page in Google Analytics. Take a step back for a minute. For example, if you are selling golf balls online, what if you could check to see which cities in the world are bouncing the most on your shopping cart. Even better, what if you could find out which areas are selling the best. If i’m going to spend hundreds of dollars everyday on Google PPC ads, you can bet all your money I’m going to want to know which areas are staying and which are bouncing.

Step 1.

Login to Google Analytics. Click “content”, “site content”, then click “pages”.

adwords by location

Once you have done that you will see a list of pages to your right hand side. Click which page you want to look at. If you have an online shop you are going to want to check out the “checkout”, or shopping cart page.

Step 2.

Now that you have selected which page you want to view look for the button that says “secondary dimension” be sure to click it. A new menu should pop up, click “visitors”, then “city”.

secondary dimension

Step 3.

We are now going to find out which cities have high/low engagement levels in regards to organic natural search traffic and to paid PPC traffic.

advanced segmentation image

If you look up the top of your page you will see a button called “advanced segments”, click it and you will see a new menu pop up. I like to click the “paid search traffic” box and the “non-paid search traffic”. Once you have highlighted these as per the image above click “apply”.

The result is we can now see a specific pages paid vs non paid traffic engagement levels by location.

If you have cities that have bad engagement levels you can now go back to the drawing board and think of why this is the case. There may be a language barrier, they might feel that you don’t ship to that area which is why they are bouncing. The most important thing you can do when you are setting your geo areas in Google Adwords is to exclude these areas. Why would I pay $3 for a click when I know there is a 60% chance they are going to bounce from my shopping cart, when I can target another city which has a 20% chance of bouncing?

Get those conversion levels up guys! Be sure to comment if you like/dislike this blog.

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