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I’ll often spend hours upon hours descending my way through Google Adsense,only stopping for a few moments to munch on a muffin. I know Google Adsense is a great tool, but here is a list of a few features that I would love to see in the future.

I Wished Google Adsense Was Like the Stock Exchange

Wouldn’t it be neat if the user interface mimicked that of the stock exchange. I’m talking about live updates in realtime everytime something is clicked. I get sick of having to refresh the screen every few minutes to see if my CPC has gone up or down, and what keywords have recently been clicked. I’m requesting a live box area that I can leave  running in the background. Maybe some nice popup screens when a keyword is clicked. Make it exciting because I want to be able to set tones on my account so that whenever a particular ad is clicked a sound is made. I want lots of red and green arrows that change every few seconds. I know this is probably not making much sense, but if I was to sum it up in a photo it would look something like this.

seo stock market image

Ability To Save And Load

Wished there was a file menu that had a save and load function. I like to play around, but I also like to load just in case I make mistakes. I know they have Adwords experiments, but I want to be able to save and load things on my terms with the ease of a file menu which is standard in every other program ever created. Why not Google Adwords? No explanation needed with this function.

Find And Replace All

One of my clients told me they were no longer offering free shipping on their cameras. That’s fine, but not having a simple find and replace function in Google Adwords cost me hours, and a sore finger for clicking. I feel that Adwords isn’t suited for the larger type of campaigns that span thousands of keywords and ads. Sure I can use Google Adwords Editor to do most of these tasks, but I find that it gets blocked by most wifi providers, eg coffee shops, public libraries etc. What about quick updates using your iphone, or smartphone?

Slow Load Screen

How often do you see this image?
adwords loading screen

Some days it seems like an eternity.

Set Budgets For Adgroups

If I have a campaign where my daily budget is $100, I would love to be able to set different budgets for Adgroups within that campaign. Eg, group 1 = $50, group 2 = $25, and group 3 = $25. Instead it’s like every group fights for the honour of exhausting the campaigns budget first. I shouldn’t have to set up individual campaigns to accommodate this.

If you have any features you would like to see in future Adwords versions leave your comments here.

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