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So you have set up your first PPC campaign and have been paying good money for those awesome keywords, but are you really getting your moneys worth? The first thing to do is let it run a while because you aren’t going to really be able to tell if your campaign has been floating your boat until some time has passed.

The next thing to do is check to see what percentage of visitors have bounced from your PPC campaign and how long they are spending on your site. Think of it this way: if you are spending $1000 a month on PPC and 80% of visitors are bouncing after landing on your website for 10 seconds then you know that your PPC campaign is not effective and needs to be seriously reviewed.

 As a webmaster myself, I can deal with the odd bounce here and there from non-paid organic traffic, but it really hurts knowing a PPC Adwords visitor has bounced after a few seconds because that is going to come straight out of your pocket. PPC can be extremely effective, but it can also go drastically wrong if it is not monitored properly.

 Here I will explain how to set up a segment in Google Analytics to monitor paid search VS non-paid search, which will detail bounce rates, average amount of page view, and average amount of time spent on your site.

Step 1

advanced segment

Step 2

advanced segment

 Then click ‘apply’. This is very simple, but highly effective. I hope this helps.

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