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See What Businesses Have Visited Your Website IP Profiling
Here is a way of seeing what large businesses have checked out your website. This is great for B2B website owners who want to capitalise on their hits. A word of warning is that it only works for tracking large corporations as smaller organisations and home users tend to not have their IP address tracing back to their Internet Service Provider instead of his/her domain or e-mail address. This technique is referred to as IP profiling.

First, you will need to log into your Google analytics account. Once you have logged in, click the visitors tab, click network properties, and then click service providers.
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Now comes the tricky bit. There is going to be a lot of junk that you will have to go through in order to find the hidden gems. For example, things like Rogers, Vodafone, and AOL are probably home users and should be ignored. Don’t be mistaken in thinking that AOL executives are checking out your cool looking site.

When you find a listing that you think might not be an ISP, simply Google it. For example, I found an entry called Barclays Capital.

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After Googling Barclays Bank I can now confirm with high authority that someone from Barclay’s Bank (largest bank in the UK) has been checking out my website. Not only that but I can chart how long they visited my site for, on what date, and a whole bunch of other statistics. You could even check when your competitors have been clicking on your site and how regularly they visit.

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Side note: just because someone checked out your site doesn’t mean they are interested in your services. If they were really keen they would of picked the phone up and made the call. Me personally, i’m not going to pick the phone up and say, “Hi, you were looking at my SEO website, interested?”. If they don’t realise we are the best SEO company in Guelph then it’s their loss. Use this as an opportunity to fine tune your website. If you can see patterns of hundreds of companies that you are targeting that are bouncing from the same pages, then it’s time to reassess your site. Getting these people to your site is only half of the battle, the other half is converting these leads.

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