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First thing I do when I meet a new client is ask them a bunch of questions, today I want to share with you that list. Maybe there are some questions in there that might spark some interest from you and make you think about the procedures you are using to dominate the rankings.

– Have you tried SEO before?

– If you have how did that go? Was it a success or failure? Please explain.

– How long have you had your website online for? Will your business die if you don’t rank well in Google?

– Who are your competitors and what are they doing? Do they have an SEO guy looking after their online presence?

– Are you the big or little guy in your industry? Are you chasing or being chased?

– Do you have any followers? How many people are actively visiting your website? How much traffic are you getting? What social media sites are you using to promote your site/product? Eg Twitter, facebook, Tumblr etc

– Are you looking to learn along the way or are you looking for someone to do it all for you?

– Have you tried Google PPC? If so how did that go? Why did you stop?

– What’s your global reach? Are you looking to dominate Guelph or do you want Toronto, Vancouver, New York etc?

– What languages are you looking to target? How many domains do you own. And if so are they being redirected? I have to ask this because I see dodgy redirects killing people’s rankings all the time. If you are using redirects it has to be a permanent 301 otherwise we will refuse to work with you. We will only work with clients that we honestly believe we can help. Remember what I said about being as picky towards clients as clients are towards us, I wasn’t lying. I’m not going to sit here and take your money for nothing in return, I’m passionate about what I do and want to help you grow your business. If we believe you have a business we can help grow then we are delighted to work with you.

– What is your time frame? When do you expect to see results? What are your goals? What do you want to rank for?

– These are all important questions that all SEO’s should be asking their clients. If you’re here and looking for some cool SEO tips then add me to twitter @seoguelph I give away tips all the time.

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