I Have Made Mistakes Too

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I believe everyone should make mistakes, but it’s the lessons you learn that matter the most. People ask me how I have managed to learn so much cool stuff about SEO. To be honest I have made lots of mistakes. When I first started out I would try anything, and would often get penalised. I know firsthand what it takes to get banned from Google, to wake up in the morning and see that all my rankings have fallen off the face of the earth. I have had my adsense account banned, and then reinstated. I have tried spamming, creating fake account.. you name it, I tried it..I have been through a few wars, but that was because I was learning my SEO right from wrongs.

The thing that I feel separates me from my peers is that I never make the same mistake twice. It’s through this journey that I have been able to get to a point where I think I know the answers to 99% of SEO questions that I’m asked. If there is something I don’t know I’ll research it myself, read blogs, forums, experiment, SEO is a continuing learning experience for me. A journey I have thoroughly enjoyed since 1995 when I told my school principal I was going to rank the school website #1 in Lycos!
**ps** I like to think I don’t make mistakes anymore! Need SEO? I’m your guy! J

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