Hard Work Doesn’t Equal SEO Dominance

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So what about it? We all know that hard work equals success right?This is correct, to a degree…. When it comes to SEO applying “hard work” in the wrong areas can equal a big waste of time. I can’t think of a field where there are so many bad pathways to go down. You could spend 100 hours submitting your website to web directories, 100 hours rewriting articles to contain more keywords.. BUT at the end of the day you just wasted 200 hours on things that are going to have no SEO benefits whatsoever.

Here is where I’m going with this. The websites that have old school people running them whereby work is only valued by how many buttons you press on a keyboard, and how many clicks on your mouse almost always fail. SEO is a smart mans game, you can’t go into this without a well thought out gameplan. Even if you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on an SEO consultant, at least contact one of them to develop a gameplan for you. It would only take them a few hours maximum to devise this game plan for you. I do it all the time for smaller companies that can’t afford SEO. I’ll write up a list of things that they should be doing, i’ll also write up a list of the things that they are doing wrong – remember what I said about hard work in the wrong areas?

Allow time to research, read up, and look for patterns in search results. One can’t always write up documentation for thinking. If you are running a company where ideas aren’t considered as “hard work” then you need to seriously rethink your SEO strategy. Sometimes it’s a simple idea that changes the entire fate of the company.

I want to know what your SEO strategy is. This is a free service, tell me what you are doing to dominate the search results in your field. I’ll give you 3 more ideas that I think you should add to your list. The form is attached below. I look forward to hearing from you all.

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